Hero For Christ: Cover Image ...From what I have said so far, it is clear that this book is an excellent tool; a gateway into the lives and minds of amazing people who sought to imitate Jesus. It is more than that though. It has a soul, and the soul is its vociferous attempt to communicate the teachings of Jesus, many of which this generation of Christianity has ignored. In my opinion, it is this essence to the book that sets it apart from many other devotional tools...
- Timothy Neal, Existential Christianity
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How do Christians model themselves after the leaders they respect the most? “Hero for Christ: 30 Ways You Can Be More Like Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Twenty Other World Changing Christians” is a self-improvement manual that gives people hope and advice for emulating the positive qualities of great men and women. With tips on defending one’s beliefs, leadership, charity, and maintaining one's ethics in a world that can be surprisingly hostile to the devout Christians, “Hero for Christ” is a must for anyone who wants to make themselves more like their heroes.
Small Press Bookwatch, August 2008 -
Midwest Book Review
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